Boat and Dock Owners Can Now Find Peace with ShockIQ Mobile

A new life-saving device is available for boat dock owners across the nation to help protect them and their families.

ShockIQ-Mobile-two-phonesDockIQ, a tech company that provides marine safety and security systems with patented, integrated mobile technology, has released its new ShockIQ Mobile System. The system monitors your dock’s frame, wiring status, and water for dangerous electricity escaping its intended circuit, preventing Electric Shock Drowning (ESD).

“ESD can occur when a small amount of electricity leaks off a dock or a boat and enters the water. Leakages can occur when wires get frayed or damaged, water gets into outlets or conduit, from lightning strikes and wildlife, or from the boat lift,” said Tyler Thompson, DockIQ Vice President. 

“When a person comes in contact with low level current in the water the muscles can become paralyzed and without immediate intervention, the person or pet can drown.” 

All of this can be prevented by using the patented technology within the ShockIQ Mobile System

“By monitoring your dock with ShockIQ Mobile, you can be alerted to any sort of electrical danger. The device flashes a red light, alarms, and shuts power off to your dock if electricity in the water exceeds preset thresholds,” explained Thompson. 

If the device continues to alarm after power has been shut off to the dock, that indicates the current is coming from another source, such as a neighbor’s dock or an irrigation pump. 

Dock owners and users are able to see real-time voltage levels in the water as well as monitor your dock's circuitry through using the ShockIQ Mobile app. The app sends notifications if any electricity is detected as well as if you have a faulty GFCI.

“Every year, you hear more and more stories of people around the nation getting hurt or dying from the area around a dock becoming electrified," said Thompson. “A device like this makes too much sense and needs to be on every dock.”

DockIQ has trained DockIQ Dealers located throughout the United States experienced in installing and showing customers how ShockIQ Mobile works to prevent Electric Shock Drowning.

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As a reminder for families and dock owners who do not have a ShockIQ Mobile System, DockIQ shares these tips to help you avoid Electric Shock Drowning. 


  • Do not follow your instinct to swim toward the dock.
  • Let everyone know what’s happening so they’ll understand the danger and react appropriately.
  • Try to stay upright and back out of the area the way you came. Warn any other swimmers in the area of the danger, and then head for shore 100 yards or more from the dock.
  • Go to the hospital to make sure there are no lingering effects that could be dangerous.


  • Know how to distinguish drowning from electric shock drowning. Tingling, numbness and pain all indicate electric shock drowning.
  • Turn off the shore power connection at the meter base and/or unplug shore power cords.
  • Fight the instinct to enter the water. Many rescuers have died trying to help electric shock drowning victims.
  • Call for help. Use 911.
  • Get the victim out of the water by throwing a life ring or use a non-metal/PVC pole.
  • If the person is not breathing or you cannot find a pulse, perform CPR until the local fire department or emergency responders arrive.