Prevent Theft or Damage : Protect Your Marine Assets

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  • Remotely arm & disarm dock security, even turn dock lights off or on!
  • View your dock in real time, from anywhere
  • Get notified & track your dock via GPS if it swings or breaks away
  • Unlimited storage for on demand photos & security events.
  • See current lake levels, Alerts you when to move your dock in or out
  • Alerts you to trespassers on your dock & turns on lights & alarm
  • Display shows if your dock has power or not.
  • Uses AI technology to confirm people are in the images & on your dock

Dock Security Devices

World-Class Mobile App

The DockIQ App communicates with the DockIQ controller to give you instant information, real-time monitoring, and alerts 24/7. The app is included free with every DockIQ system and is supported on Apple (iOS) or Android. With the mobile app, you have access to the most critical data all in one screen: 

  • Lake levels 
  • Arming security 
  • Shore power status – Shore or Battery 
  • Connected lights control (up to 2) 
  • Take pictures with installed camera(s) 
  • View real-time controller status 
  • See recent alerts

Get Alerted to Trespassers 

Your DockIQ system will alert you through the mobile app to when trespassers access your dock and send you images in real-time.

How it works:

  • Trespasser(s) access your dock
  • Using Artificial Intelligence, our cameras confirm people are in the images & on your dock
  • DockIQ turns on your dock lights and activates your alarm
  • Our cameras take pictures, or streams video, of your dock and trespassers (depending if system is on cellular data or wi-fi)

DockIQ Features & Functions

Dock Power (AC)

Display to show if you dock has power or not

Docks Approx. Depth

Set thresholds and get alerted when your dock needs to be moved

Lighting Control

Scheduling when you want your dock lights to be on and off

Hi-Res Camera

Designed to hold up against storms, motion, and power outages

Security Control

Scheduling when you want your dock security to be armed/disarmed

AI Software

Using Artificial Intelligence to confirm people are in the images & on your dock

Video Streaming

If you have wifi at your dock, you can utilize video streaming (Monitoring fee applies)

Status Alerts

Your status activity and the timestamps of when they took place

GPS Positions

Take comfort knowing your dock, boat, or wave-runners are exactly where they should be

Photo Library

Unlimited photo storage for on demand photos and security events

Add Devices

Easily add cameras, ShockIQ, or GPS with a quick QR scan

Additional Contacts

Add additional contacts to receive all alerts

See DockIQ in Action

DockIQ Residential Smart Dock Security System

DockIQ's Smart Dock System communicates with your mobile app to monitor your dock, boats, and water level to prevent theft and dock damage with high resolution motion cameras and other devices.

DockIQ Mobile App Tour

The DockIQ App communicates with your DockIQ controller to give you instant information 24/7 with real-time monitoring and alerts.

DockIQ Advanced Motion Camera Technology

Our Hi-Res camera was designed for the marine environment, and have withstood the harshest of storms, motion, and frequent power outages, while maintaining connectivity to the DockIQ platform.

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