The Dock IQ System Adds Intelligence to Your Dock and Boats to Notify You Immediately of Problems, Even When You're Away.

Our Mobile App

Stay in Touch With Your Dock, Boats, and Dock Dealer

  • Set Depth Sensor to Alert You When Water Levels Get Too Shallow or Deep
  • Set "Geo Fence" Around Dock and Boats to Establish Home Position
  • Access Video Camera to See Shoreline and Personal Items
  • Request Services From Your Dock Dealer
  • Simplified Billing via Credit Card

Real-Time Dock Management

Fluctuating water levels due to weather patterns and power requirements continue to “ground” docks, thus costing dock owners thousands of dollars in damages each year. To prevent damage to docks, lifts, and boats as well as theft and potential loss of life, docks must be monitored with sensors, video and communications providing mobile alerts/notifications. This is currently not available to dock owners nor dock dealers. Onsite visits by dock dealers is expensive, inefficient and not scalable. DockIQ provides a unique mobile, dock technology and notification system that will manage and monitor each dock in parallel for dock owners and dock dealers.

Remote Management

Remote Management

Manage and monitor docks remotely via a Mobile App and Mobile Management System

Immediate Information

Immediate Information

Receive automatic alerts via notifications, email, and text

GPS Driven Data

GPS Driven Data

Communicate with each dock to provide water depth and location via GPS

Real-Time Video Feed

Real-Time Video Feed

Provide video to monitor shoreline, dock wheels, poles, and personal items

About Us

The Company was formed by joining a best of breed of proven engineering and mobile technology teams with dock owners and established market leaders in the dock distribution and service industry. All parties have experienced first hand the operational inefficiency, loss of assets, and resulting damages to valuable docks and boats for more than 20 years.


Detect & Protect


  • Shock Sensor Detects Electrical Current in the Water and Alerts Within Seconds of Danger
  • Know Where Your Boat or Jet Skis Are at Any Time When Friends or Family Are Driving

Theft Protection

  • GPS Devices on Boats Send Alerts if Boats Move
  • Video Camera Lets You See Your Dock, Boats, and Personal Items

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